Things To Do on an Egyptian Tour

Is Egypt the next place you plan to visit? If so, you are about to find out the exciting places that you can go to satisfy your spirit of adventure. There is so much to see and learn from this beautiful country that you may have to return later because you can’t get it done in one trip. However, you can choose to maximize while you are there and collect as many memories as possible. The following are things to do in Egypt.


Egyptian Pyramids

Go To Khan el-Khalili

Taking a walk to this traditional bazaar while exploring Egypt and seeing its beautiful people is amazing. Here you can purchase a few souvenirs for your loved ones back at home or even for yourself. If you want to impress your aunt or mother with the perfect gift, you will find  a wide array of original Egyptian cotton sheets at this market.

They will serve as reminders of the trip by making it seem like it was only yesterday. If you are keen on details, you will see and learn a lot about Egyptian culture and traditions. Ensure to take your time because what is the essence of rushing? You will miss out on the beauty you ought to see.

Go Sandboarding

If you love surfboarding, then sandboarding will make your adrenaline rush and excite you. This is done on the dunes that spread across the desert. It is certainly enjoyable to people who have no fear of heights because you will be as high as 140 meters at the Great Sand Sea near Siwa Oasis.


Eat Kushari or Koshari

What is a trip without consuming the local food in that area? Kushari is one of the most traditional meals that entails tomato sauce with garlic vinegar, rice, macaroni, and lentils topped with fried onions and chickpeas. You could also try other authentic meals; don’t be boring.


Egyptian Koshari Dish

Visit Egypt’s Pharaonic Sites

Luxor and Aswan host most Pharaonic sites, and as much as Egypt has many Pharaonic sites, temples, and statues, this experience will be worth it.

Abu Simbel Rock Temple

Go For Hiking On Mount Sinai

This is a renowned mountain that you would certainly not miss climbing for the world. Its height is 2285 meters, in other words, 7497 feet. Can you imagine the breathtaking view you will see, especially of the sunrise or sunset? If you have never tried hiking before, you could give it a try and be the judge.

Woman alking in Sinai Peninsula

Ride A Camel

Imagine riding a camel and seeing the pyramids at a glance? You will be killing two birds with one stone.

Women riding camels in Egypt


The above points show some of the things to do in Egypt. You could even write these places down if you are manifesting for a trip to Egypt. If possible, allocate time for each activity to ensure that you maximize your time or hire a travelling agency to do that.

Do not forget to capture memories by taking photos and even videos to refer back to when you are back home, not to forget to share with those you love. Carry extra money to buy the much-needed souvenirs and be open to trying the authentic dishes instead of going for as per the usual.